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1. What is the dress code ?
Kids – shorts , t.shirts , track pants , body suit , leotards and Shoes
Adults –t. shirts , Track pants , Shoes
Strictly No Jeans
2. If i miss any classes is there any compensation class?
No compensation classes entertained.
3. If Instructor cancels the classes do we get compensation?
Yes you are eligible for the compensation class.
4. What if i do not inform and discontinue the classes?
You will be marked as Absconded; re admission will not be entertained.
5. If i decide to discontinue, Am i eligible for refund if have attended one or two classes for the month?
Absolutely NO
6. Can i Adjust fees if i have attended two classes for this month and rejoin next month to take the remaining classes?
Absolutely NO
7. Do you whatsapp group ?
8. Do you send us SMS for the classes.?
YES , please make sure you have given us right Contact details to reach you.
9. How do i know if the class will be conducted or not if i don’t get SMS?
Alert message pop up is available in our website to check updates Every Hour.
You can have this optional if you want to keep updated. All schedules are updated daily for the benefit of Students.
10. How many students do you take in one class ?
We have a spacious room, anywhere the students stands instructor can see very clearly .15 to 20 students in one session.
11. How many months / years will take to learn dance?
For both Kids and Adults – 3 months Minimum 6 months Maximum
12. Do we have exams to promote to other level?
13. Any tutorials or Instruction DVD available?
Yes , Check at Leo’s Dance Academy office
14. Private classes at studio?
Yes , call us for appointment and book your schedule.
300 per hour
15. I want to lose weight which batch will I join in?
16. Do you conduct show for students?
Once in a year show titled “SMALL WONDER “ in the month of March.
17. What are the benefits if I join in professional batch?
Professional Batches will be sent for Exams to the respective dance style chosen.
18. Will i perform stages shows ?
All Students trained by Leo and Boney will be eligible to perform in SMALL WONDER
ONLY for the students of Leo’s Dance Academy 4 yrs onwards will be performing on the show .
19. What do I have to get for the class ?
Shoes, Socks,Sweat towel, water bottle and SMILE
20. Do u have separate batch for ladies?
21.Home Lessons available?
22. Referral discount available ?
Check at Leo’s Dance Academy office.
23. Do I get to dance in movies/ reality shows / TV shows ?
We do not train any students for movies/ reality shows / TV shows
24. instructors qualified ?
Yes we are !
25. Instructor names please ?
Leo Talstoy – Chief Dance Director
Boney Rajjan – Zumba and Bollywood dance instructor
26. I am new to dance ?
No prior knowledge on dance is required. All you need is interest and passion towards dance.
27. Free / Demo session?
28. Choreography for competitions?
We do not teach for competitions
29. Do u have a crash course , may be 10 or 15 days ?
Yes ! Call us for appointments and book your schedule .
30. Changing rooms available?
Yes we do have well equipped changing room facilities and toilet facilities
31. Am i allowed watch the dance class in the studio before i join ?
No , As it may distract the students on floor.
32. My Kids are not dancing at home , what are they learning ?
Please take appoint ment for a one on one to have ease of understanding of your child development.
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